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Get the knowledge that didn't fit in

All books have had an extensive editing process. In this process the writer and editor sit together to make the book as value-dense as possible, squeezing the amount of words used and removing "ünnecessary" sections of books. Through this process a lot of information is lost. Now this lost information is often easily presented as a book companion.

Get printable checklists and plans

Oftentimes a book, especially an ebook is not the most optimal place to place certain pieces of information. Due to the size or format of a book a recipe cannot be easily used during cooking if it's in a book for example. This is where book companions come in.  We provide printable pdf versions of information to make your life easier.

Free information for the avid reader

Even if you did not buy a book, the information on this website if free of charge and in the public domain. Therefore even the avid reader that is a bit short on cash can learn something useful through book companions. Take a look below to see if you can find anything of interest.

What Our Readers Are Saying:

The extensive knowledge base of book-companion.com has really helped me achieve my goals in regards to weight loss. Everything on dieting and nutrition was super useful to me.

Anna Smith - Los Angelos, California

Book-companion.com has helped me numerous times with coding issues, through the useful pdf's on different coding languages I had all the information I needed for bug fixes and other issues.

Marc Jacobs - Austin, Texas

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  1. 1
    The Carnivore Diet: Book Companion
  2. 2
    Decluttering Your House and Life: Book Companion
  3. 3
    Diabetes Reset Diet: Book Companion
  4. 4
    Ketogenic and Atkins Diet: Book Companion
  5. 5
    Marriage Help: Book Companion
  6. 6
    Puppy Training: Book Companion
  7. 7
    Seduction and Dark-Psychology: Book Companion
  8. 8
    Stoicism and Taoism: Book Companion
  9. 9
    Tarot Card Reading: Book Companion
  10. 10
    Toddler Parenting: Book Companion
  11. 11
    Servant Leadership Guide: Book Companion

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